Personal Branding for Megan Rose Studio

It was important for me to ensure the branding for Megan Rose Studio reflected my personality and aesthetic. The bold serif font paired with a script font, is modern yet timeless, and the memorable colour palette of burnt orange, blush pink and teal green is soft and colourful. I wanted to brand myself as a ‘studio’ as it acts as an umbrella for multiple disciplinaries, and I included ‘Est 2021’ at the top of my logo to mark the year Megan Rose Studio launched. I have produced a variation of colourways for my branding, as well as patterns and sub-mark logos which can be used across different media platforms and packaging.

MEN a la mode - Menswear Brand


‘MEN a la mode’ is an urban minimalist menswear brand which I created for a project in my second year of university. Its focal point is smart casual and the idea of reinventing classic pieces in a modern but comfortable way. You can see how the process of the branding evolves from an initial trend board, to a refined and stylish masculine brand.