'm Megan Rose Lawler


I am a final year Fashion Promotion and Communication student (soon to be graduate) at the University of Northampton, and the founder of Megan Rose Studio – a multi-disciplinary design studio. I’m a Northampton girl and have always had a passion for creating promotional material, as my creative journey started back in high school when I studied graphic design.


The fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries are something I have good knowledge in, and I love producing emotive, memorable content for brand projects. I love the process of creating fun design concepts, particularly in the fields of photography, branding, illustration and digital styling. 


When I’m not designing, my favourite things to do at home are spending time with my family and friends, binge watching my favourite shows, and doing lots of self-care. On a more exciting note, I also have a love for dancing, travelling and eating out at restaurants and trying new things – I’m a massive foodie!


Please check out my portfolio and social media; if you like what you see and are interested in working with me, you can enquire via the contact page.

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Adobe and Photography

  • Proficient in Adobe suites such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. 

  • Good understanding of social media, email and graphic design. 

  • Ability to set up and use a DSLR camera, and an understanding of the set and lighting requirements for studio and location practice.  

  • Able to transfer digital images into photography software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Fashion Industry Awareness

  • Understanding of fashion promotion and the creative process, using visual media; trend analysis; industry context; celebrity endorsement; social media; video and fashion photography.  

  • Able to deliver original concepts that meet consumer’s needs. 

  • Have done brand collaborations with: Benefit cosmetics; Harvey Nichols; Twining’s; Dazed&Confused; Climate4Change.  

  • Other areas of experience include: Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, Lifestyle and Food/ Drink industry. 


Journalistic Copy and Essay Writing

  • Awareness of different writing conventions such as journalistic and formal copy to meet deadlines e.g. news, social media, letters and emails etc. 

  • Skilled in producing clear and appropriate writing styles for different audiences across media platforms. 

  • Good proof-reading skills; recognise correct grammar and spelling and adhere to specific word counts.